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Audio Visual Installation.

We give you the equipment and training you need to ensure your office, school, warehouse is the best and easiest place to work, or your home is the envy of all your friends. Enhance, Engage, Excite.

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Commercial Install

We provide audio visual solutions to a diverse range of corporate clients. Our approach is personal from the first phone call and we will spend as long as it takes to design and install a system which makes your life easier. From a single screen in a reception area to a multi-room audio visual overhaul we can do it.

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Online Meeting Vs Traditional Meeting


conference System

A quick install and starting from just £2k, a Skype system will enable you to have meetings without leaving the office.



Thousands of Pounds in savings

Save thousands of pounds a year on train travel, flights and petrol. You can check in with a team or colleague at the click of a button.



hours saved

Just think what you could do with all the hours you currently spend travelling to meetings. 

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Residential Installations

Technology can make our lives easier and less cluttered. Your working life is often improved with the addition of some carefully thought out audio visual equipment so why not improve your home too. From house wide sectorised sound systems to home cinemas and garden rooms, we can do it all, and keep as much hidden as you like to ensure your new tech doesn't affect your interior design.

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Our Clients

Audio visual technology affects pretty much everyone’s lives...most of us have a radio, hi-fi, or TV at home. We might even have a fancy stereo system with sound going to more than one room, or Alexa is in the corner controlling our lights. At work things are ramped up with large screens, projectors, speakers in the ceiling, the list goes on. At Technative we believe that the right audio visual system can improve your life and we work with a range of clients to do just that. Below are just a few examples of audio visual systems we have created.


Accountancy Firms

With a need for multiple private spaces to talk with clients, and for those spaces to open out into larger rooms, the challenge is always on with large service firms such as accountants and lawyers. We can create programs which know when doors are open or closed and show the content from a connected laptop on the relevant screens, create separate break out spaces and install collaborative technology that doesn’t mind whether windows or Apple products are plugged in.

private houses

The perfect audio visual system isn’t just for the office. Whether it's multi-room audio so you can listen to your music seamlessly from room to room, a home cinema to enjoy the latest blockbusters or an entirely connected smart home...we've got it covered.


Teachers have an incredibly hard job, we can make it easier with interactive white boards, easy to use projection systems and concealed speakers. As our world becomes more connected and more reliant on technology it’s crucial for our children to grow alongside the technology. We've worked across the country with schools to ensure the children get the most out of their time there and the teachers can concentrate on their job rather than figuring out how the AV works.

fit out companies

Interior Designers and Fit Out companies often know how they want a space to work but not how the client will work with audio visual equipment in that space. We can provide a system that works with the new design. 


November 2017

Technative developed a new audio visual system for us to roll out across our offices in the UK. We have had fantastic feedback from the offices which have already been upgraded, with staff saying they have more time to do their 'real job' instead of fixing AV problems

Legal Client / National Branches



Get Connected

Having a consistent audio visual set up across your buildings improves productivity and ensures your clients and staff know what to expect when they arrive for a meeting. Only got one location? Make sure its the best it can be with a bespoke set up created to fit around you and your needs. 



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case studies 

Our latest work in action. This is the area for you if you want ideas or to see which brands we've been working with recently.

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